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Mr Spike,
 I am a solider in the U.S. Army deployed to Afghanistan, I recently bought your DVD on amazon and it was great.  Me and my whole squad watched it and I learned alot from it.
I live on the gulf coast of Florida and plan on getting into Kayak fishing when I return home in July. I just wanted to write to tell you thank you for taking the time to educate people on the exciting sport of kayak fishing. One thing I did think of during the video was we fish with the lucky joe rigs in Florida and we really up our catch rate on bait fish if you tip the hooks with small pieces of squid or shrimp.  You problibly already know this trick but I thought I would share with you being I learned so much from the dvd.

Sgt. Jeffrey Collins
D.co 2-116 (secfor)
53rd BCT
Camp Phoenix/Gardiz
APO A.E. 09320

All the way from Australia, I found Ross's story (linked here) online 5 years later. "It is not often that I pay to be taken fishing but, with Dennis's excellent knowledge, organisation, and commitment to safety..."

Thank you -- had it not been for your site, I would never even have known about fishing off a kayak, much less own a kayak!                 Keep up the good work.  Ken Kranz

Posted by Bob on April 29, 1998

My 2 cents worth... Yes. The class was worth the money, the time, and the mid week interuption. I suppose everything (he) teaches would be learned over time. But I think it's silly to wait. What they teach is savvy. One of the most beneficial things we were forced to do was crawl around on our boats. Bow to stern and back. We were taught how to get back on top if we ever find ourselves in the water Launching and landing

                         Ever wonder how the web site came about?

My wife gave me the Coastal Kayak Fishing School for our anniversary a few years back.  Wendy saw the sport had sparked my interest and is prone to giving extra special gifts.  When the day came I excitedly hit the beach with Spike and another guide and after a mass of information was dropped on me, I launched a kayak for the first time.  Another ton of information, shortcuts and pure kayak fishing skill consumed the next few hours.  I knew I was "cutting my teeth" in this sport.  No easing into it, no pampering just 95% of the sport while being assured that the foundation skills were sinking in.  Then came the open fishing period where the guides talked endlessly delivering a final flurry of information. As instructed, I chose to send a live bait to the bottom in good current and drift along some noted submarine structure.  Before long I felt a bite that was more defined than any other "take" I had experienced.  It turns out this is yet another advantage to fishing a kayak.  After a massive hook set, I battled a 17 pound California halibut to the finish.  The CKF Guides barked orders the whole way to insure the fish made it into the hold.  They also quoted the market price of fresh halibut.  The Guides said they would have helped me on a "big fish" and walked me through landing my "flatty" myself.   It was my first legal size (and then some) halibut ever.  What a rush.  I felt exhilarated not only from the fish that was a personal best, but the sudden empowerment of the fishery I had just gained...it literally rocked my world and still does today.  Before taking the CKF School, sport fishing was a hobby/recreation/past time that I cherished and practiced as often as possible.  Today, sportfishing with my kayak is a way of life.   I fish 4-5 times more at a fraction of the expense ( money that now goes to the big trips) and fishing impacts my daily life less than before when the whole day was needed just to go fishing.
 A lifelong outdoorsman, participating in the CKF School took the first few years of self learning, trial and error, equipment loss and research off what I needed to FISH A LOT MORE THAN EVER BEFORE WITH LITTLE EXPENSE AND BETTER RESULTS.
I liked it so much I built and maintain The Kayak Fishing Web Site.
Chuck Marlett
Webmaster www.kayakfishing.com
Owner- Raptor Net


Wow. The first useful website I've ever come across.
Paul Haas (primitively fishing for Stripers from a whitewater kayak)
Hampton, NH


Very interested in kayak fishing since it's the way
of the future , what with all the closures or proposed
closure of lakes to o/b motors. With kayaks, no such problem.
Still learning a lot about kayaks and hoping to have one of my
own in near future.
Thanks for an informative web site.
Mike Prodanov


"Thank you again for the lesson, Mike (Orange County CA CKF Guide)! Had a great time and learned a lot! As you mentioned, the conditions were not ideal. Wind in our face, fog, strong current, and swells coming in from two different directions! I think I am a stronger paddler for it. I did catch fish though, and only about 10 minutes from starting out! I would recommend that any of you who are new to the sport should get in contact with CKF and take a lesson. I feel more confident in deeper water and going through the surf with all of the gear. I was also given a better understanding of how to use your kayak to get to the fish. Like Mike said, that was my biggest Calico (bass) ever! I am looking forward to catching bigger and more diverse fish.
Thanks again! I look forward to going on some of the trips offered by CKF!     Kevin Middleton    September 5, 1999

"Thank you again for the DVD.  It was a huge hit at a small gathering on Sunday.  Spreading the madness one DVD at a time!  My friend and I are very pumped."                                                                                                                                             Mike Q., San Francisco April, 2008