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"The Coastal Kayak Fishing Schools"

"A logical, economical first step for entering the sport."                                                        

The Coastal Kayak Fishing School was first developed in 1994 to lay a foundation for entry level kayak fishermen and women.  It eventually grew to help veteran kayak anglers with specie specific techniques plus all the particularities of the sport.  The Schools are structured to teach you how to fish your favorite waters safely, effectively, economically and everywhere. 


CKF Schools meet in San Diego, Malibu, on the Sonoma Coast and in Tomales Bay. This instructional session eliminates the first few years of trial and error that normally accompanies the self-learning process.  The Schools allow anglers to experience successful kayak fishing from the start while applying their lifetime of accrued fishing knowledge to the little boats.  While many people who fish the class are accomplished anglers, we eagerly offer general fishing instruction for inexperienced anglers too.  

This is a portion of the "curriculum".  We get started on the beach, move onto the water for a few more lessons and merge into the fishing day.

·        Onshore instruction with "Better than basic" kayak skills, safety, gear, rigging, tackle and techniques for open-deck kayak fishing

·        How to select and outfit the best new or used fishing kayak model to best suit each individual's particular needs and budget

·        Surf Zone

·        Live bait applications including procurement, storage and transportation plus cut bait, artificial lures and light tackle fishing applications

·        Self rescue

·        Understanding “When, Where and How” to target the fish you seek

·        Use and applications for Electronics/Sonar - Permanent and portable fishfinders; GPS

·        Anglers receive a copy of The Kayak Fishing Video (DVD) to review before we meet and years of free technical support from the Coastal Kayak Fishing Guides, if and when you ever need it, with a simple phone call.

For most anglers, a day with a CKF Guide is the only formal instruction you will ever need to enjoy a lifetime of quality fishing with your kayak. 

General Information:

The Coastal Kayak Fishing Schools are fully outfitted, just bring your fishing license.  Wetsuits and dry wear are provided too.  The first of its kind, a handful of CKF Guides and Pro-Staffers have been improving this program for almost 20 years.  If you already have a kayak, bring ALL your gear with you and we’ll sort it out on the beach.  A tackle pack and bait is provided for fishing and lunch is supplied by your guide.  The day starts early with plenty of onshore instruction, a beach launch, a few more on the water lessons and fishing.  

The School sessions are limited to 2 guests per guide and last 5-8 hours, conditions permitting.  CKF Schools are conducted in San Diego*** and Malibu in Southern California and the Marin/Sonoma Coast just 90 minutes north of San Francisco.  A solid inshore fishery and balmy days compliment fishing on the California coast and we encourage freshwater anglers to take the School on the Pacific, a great first experience!  Species targeted include California halibut, white sea bass, kelp bass, barracuda, California sheephead, yellowtail, thresher and leopard sharks, lingcod, a dozen rockfish species and more.

Participation in the CKF School is proven to save anglers a lot of money by avoiding gear loss and making informed purchases as we gear up and grow with the sport.

Fishing Season and Rates: 

April through December      $295 per person, $495 solo

Phone us at 1-(818) 970-2392 or email info@kayakfishing.com for more info, dates and reservations.    

 *Important Stuff*!

* Jimbo Meador, writer, guide, fisherman, half the inspiration for the character Forrest Gump, a good person and a whole lot more, was the first fishing guide to put clients in kayaks to reach those skinny water reds just outside of Mobile Alabama.  Among his lengthy list of credits, Jimbo is a kayak fishing pioneer.

**Dropped Rods - We supply rod and reel outfits, rigged with rod leashes, to our guests at no charge. While lost rods are rare, Guests will be charged for dropped/lost setups at outfitter/sale pricing, approx. $35.00- $65.00 each.  Guests are welcome to supply their own outfit(s).

***San Diego Guiding, Kayak Fishing La Jolla-Known for burping up a few record fish, Adam “Trout” Traubman can tell you how to find yellowtail and white seabass, halibut and all the local (and pelagic) table fare in one of the best big game kayak fisheries anywhere.  But he’d rather show you and eat sashimi.  The pioneer kayak fishing guide to the region, Trout only guides a handful of days.  To get hooked up, Email Trout@Kayakfishing.com or phone us with requested dates, June through November.