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Both useful to your fishing and close to the heart of this web site effort 

Take quick read of the Link Titles and explore those of interest.

Aqua Hunters- Hawaiian Kayak Fishing Club

AKFF.net - Australian Kayak Fishing Forum-A solid kayak fishing community of helpful, informative kayak fishermen in the Southern Hemisphere.

Baja Destinations - This is the web site of Western Outdoors Publications Baja Reports Editor and co-author of Baja Catch, the bible for Baja travel and fishing information.  A must read site for Baja travelers.

Big Bend Fishing.net - A unique website dedicated to fishing information from Florida's Northern Big Bend. This includes the area from the Econfina River west to the Apalachicola River

Board Fishing - Fishing from a long board.

Fishingkayaks.net- Kayak fishing directory and resource for freshwater and saltwater in Southern and Baja California.  Find information on selecting, rigging, launching and fishing from kayaks.

Fishing Knots -Animated fishing knots web site from- "Grog".                

Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club -Hosted by Captain Jimbo. "...a gatherin place for all lookin` to experience yakfishin` in Paradise."

Hole In The Wall Camps - The living legend of the late, great, Paul Newman.  Newman's "Camps" make life better for scores of kids, in several countries, with cronic and often terminal illnesses.  One of Kayakfishing.com's few non-fishing recommendations for your charitable assignments.  We also like Special Olympics.  

Hooked on Baja - The book by noted author/angler Tom Gatch, is available at Barnes and Noble, Borders most online booksellers. "Gatch's book is a must read for all who want to visit Baja for fishing, diving or other adventuring." Ed Zieralski, San Diego Union Tribune

Jacksonville Kayak Fishing - The online kayak fishing community of Jacksonville, FL

Kayak Fishing Georgia- Fat stripers on Lake Lanier, a great way to start!

KayakFishingZone.com - The site of "The Outdoor Scribe", West Coast freelance writer Paul Lebowitz.  Possibly the most comprehensive body of written atricles on the sport of kayak fishing, No matter where you fish, you'll pick up tons of useful info reading Paul's contributions.  Generously published for you at the site.

Kayak Jak - "Our starting point is Benkelman, Nebraska located just 3 1/2 hours driving from the Denver Airport. We are not far from the Kansas and Colorado borders..."

Kayak Fishing Italy- Italian language web site on Italy's kayak fishers...www.Pescainkayak.com

Mel's Place Fishing Links - An excellent compilation of sportfishing links from Mel.

Niko Traubman's Surf Page - Ripping it up one wave at a time.

Norcalkayakanglers.com - Information and community site on kayak fishing in Northern California.

North Wales Kayak Fishing- That's right, UK!

Northwestkayakanglers.com- Washington based, the hub site for Oregon, Washington and B.C.

http://Paddle-Fishing.com-A longtime resource for Florida kayak anglers.  Carried on by John Callaghan, Paddle-Fishing.com pays tribute to its co-founder, Jay "JayB" Brewington, who lost his battle with cancer on April 16th, 2009.  "Their effort has helped to pioneer the sport and continues to guide anglers with their contribution." Dennis Spike

Plastic Navy- "Through our tournaments, fishing seminars, articles and good old fashioned friendship we work to bring this once obscure sport to the spotlight and turn more and more anglers onto our unique style of fishing. If you would like to be a part of the Plastic Navy all you need to do is share your love of kayak fishing with the world."

San Diego Kayak Fishing Forum- Kayakfishingaddicts.ning.com is a growing SD forum with roots from The 50th State.

Stripersurf.com- Not much more needs to be said.  NY/NJ internet "elder statesman" site. A nice group of informative anglers on their kayak board.  Check out www.Bringseanhome.org , an international issue close to the site.

Texaskayakfisherman.com - Texas based kayak fishing with regional saltwater, freshwater and classified advertisment bulletin boards.

Tidewater Kayak Anglers Assoc.-Dedicated to promoting kayak angling in coastal Virginia and North Carolina.  TKAA is a non-profit sport fishing club...

Watchthewater.org- Current Los Angeles County Beach conditions and web cams.

Waywardflyfishing.com- On this wayward site, you'll find exciting (and mostly true) articles, stories, book reviews, photography and instruction on many aspects of fly fishing, including kayaking with a fly......

Yakdawgs.com- Regioinal web site based in Connecticut doing good things for kayak fishermen and the fishery.