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Since you're here, chances are you already fish from a kayak or you think it's a good idea.  The very first kayak fishing web site published in 1997, lets us reach anglers everywhere.  Beyond the web site pages, we provide detailed fishing information plus, direction to products, services and resources proven to best suit the needs of entry level and veteran kayak anglers in every fishery.  Pretty much free of sponsorships and exclusive endorsements until we found superior quality, performance and fishability in RTM Kayaks, we still recommend ALL the best kayaks and gear as we know it.  Need help selecting a new or used kayak model or just some info?  Call 1 (818) 970-2392 (6am-6pm PST, Daily) for a detailed reply or Email us with your questions and all the best fishing kayak choices to consider.  Please include your age, height, weight and home fishery with requests for kayak model choices...

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Anacapa Bob's Kayak Record "Baqueta Grouper"

Spike's 42# Bull Dorado on the Sea of Cortez

Spike with Sailfish!!!!!
note: "My first billfish in 2000, I later learned that lifting the fish from the water before releasing it can harm the fish.  Please photograph all billfish in the water and safely release every one." Dennis Spike

Pacific Fisherman Cover

  We're Still Fishing Catalina and all the Channel Islands Year `Round on the Black Pearl Trips

Dennis Spike with a kayak fishing record 75# white sea bass in May 2000 off the Malibu coast. 
The big croaker was 2" shy of 5 feet with a 32" waist.

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