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SPIKE'S PICKS: "Over the years I continue to learn more about the kayaks we use through the experience of anglers, in all the fisheries, than I could ever gather on my own.  With my email link and phone number published at since 1997, along with a handful of fishing guides and pro-staffers, we’ve personally recommended fishing kayaks to thousands of novice and veteran kayak fishers through the effort.  

The models we recommend to anglers represent a handful of the kayaks that are time tested, proven for fishing and not entirely limited to the advertisers represented here at  Still, a credible referral, we have the confidence to recommend these models due to their proven seaworthiness and fishability.   

For 17 years, the position here was that “there is no Best Kayak for fishing”, just a bunch of fishable models that better fit different sized anglers and their particular fisheries.  Some anglers and/or kayaks benefit from rudders, some don't.   If you have a big tidal swing, lean towards a rudder.  The cornerstone of recommendations has always been to “fit the angler to the best model for their height, weight and fishery”.  

Introduced to RTM Kayaks in France a few years back (RTM is one of Europe’s leading kayak manufacturers after 30+ years), I not only found “The next best fishing kayak” but a whole line of them.  With proven models for fishing skinny water and open seas, bays, lakes and rivers, superior construction, original design and a long list of unique features…RTM kayaks perform better and will last longer than most.  In my experience, RTM kayaks are the toughest kayaks made.  They will last A LOT longer and feature a wide selection of different fishing kayaks for anglers that are big, small and in between.  Even a tandem (The Ocean Quatro) that 2 adults or a family can fish from…successfully!   

Today, our recommendations start with RTM Kayaks for entry level anglers who want a new kayak and veteran kayak anglers looking to upgrade.  For anglers who prefer a used kayak, we continue to recommend all the proven models as we know them.  Feel free to contact us through the links provided or you can phone a guide anytime.

Email me anytime at or call 1-818-970-2392.

Abaco 4.20
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“The Abaco 4.20 (4.20 meters= 13’8”) may be the best fishing kayak ever made” for most anglers.  Accommodating weight ranges from 150-240 pounds, the Abaco is a performance fishing kayak that runs silent on skinny water and is equally suited for offshore big-game kayak fishing.  The rod tube is sealed from the kayak and can be converted to a live bait tank.   Flotation foam recessed fittings, and safety lines plus a lot more are all standard features. 

Price $1249.00   $1395.00 w/rudder assembly


K Largo
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 Popular with anglers of every shape and size (before the Abaco arrived),“The K Largo may be the best Big Man Fishing Kayak to hit the fishing grounds.  Seaworthy and navigable, the K Largo will accommodate anglers well over 250# with a very fishable kayak.  Generous self draining tankwells in the bow and stern are complimented by a dry storage case that fits in the front deck.

Price $1149.00 “Luxe version”   $1295 w/rudder assembly “Hi Luxe” version”


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A hybrid, this giant of the fishing kayaks is our most frequent referral to really big guys, hunters and for use as a multi-person/multi-use family boat.  Depending on the fishery, the Nu-Canoe can be paddled, rowed, poled and motorized.  Created by famed kayak designer Tim Niemier (Scuppers, Scramblers, Malibu II), we weren't surprised to hear that some serious nearshore anglers consider Nu-Canoe seaworthy for coastal fishing and abalone diving in the Pacific Northwest.


Used Kayaks-Thousands of used kayaks, many stored in shade and rarely floated, are sitting in backyards and garages across the U.S.  A few models listed below, plus "The Prism" that was made by Aquatera and more recently by Perception, are rare finds for a few hundred bucks.  Use extreme caution when buying used kayaks.  A trained eye is needed to determine UV damage, blows and blems.  When older, used kayaks approach $500+ in the ads, that factory warranty with a new boat gains a lot of appeal.