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Guided Kayak Fishing For Dungeness Crab at Bodega Bay

  • Just 90 minutes north from The Golden Gate on the pristine Sonoma Coast

  • Paddling the protected waters in and around Bodega Bay

  • Kayaks, gear, paddle wear, instruction and a seasoned fishing guide are included

  • Go home with live, delicious Dungeness Crabs harvested from your kayak or have your guide steam them at the beach.  The market value of the catch often exceeds the cost of this trip!

·         This experience is the “Most Dangerous Catch” made easy for friends, couples and families...right in our coastal backyard.  Kayak Crabbing is a very easy skill level trip for ages 5 and up.  No experience is necessary to become an expert crabber with single and tandem (double) sit-on-top kayaks.

What You’ll Do: 

Meet your fishing guide at the beach in Bodega Bay to get familiar with the kayaks, gear and the crabs.

After a quick paddling and safety lesson, suit-up and launch onto Bodega Bay to set your crab gear. 

Set “traps” and fish “the hoops” in a popular recreational crabbing field frequented by seals, puffins, hunting ospreys and other migratory sea birds.  Dolphins and whales are occasionally seen too.

Your guide will have a lot to say about the local fishery, wildlife, the history of Bodega Bay and many of the different local edible seafood’s….from cockles to kelp. 

With everyone confident and comfortable on the water, you will paddle the Bay at your leisure, checking the traps and nets while learning about everything that swims, runs and flies through the area.  This 3- 3.5 hour adventure is great fun and will leave participants with the skills to catch crab, crawfish and spiny lobsters.

Day Rate -$460.00, Fully Outfitted w/ Shore Lunch

Morning and afternoon sessions available

Things to do before and after crabbing….

The Town of Bodega- 5 miles before you hit Bodega Bay, this little spot is old California and a tourist mecca since Alfred Hitchcock directed scenes from “The Birds” here in 1962. Well worth seeing the movie before you come up! 

Russian River Mouth at Jenner by the Sea

Hundreds of wine tasting opportunities.

Visit the Oyster Farms at Tomales Bay

Drive the scenic Coast Route One back to The City through Point Reyes Station

Email or call for more information and reservations:

Email: info@kayakfishing.com

Phone: 1 (818) 970-2392